E – Series

Bimmer Coders offers BMW Coding on all E – Series

Enable Mirrors (Un)Folding When (Un)Locking the Vehicle Locking will fold mirrors

Windows Roll Up / Down with Key Fob Or Comfort Access

Disabling Seat Belt Chime on Front Seats

Digital speedometer

Disabling Legal Disclaimer

Unlock Doors When Fob Is ejected/ eject fob when power is off

Instant MPG ‐ Real‐time MPG reading available on BC Stalk

 Double Blink Euro Hazards

Delete Corner bulb/LED

Wiper finish cycle when the ignition is turned off

Allow Fog Lights and High Beams same time

DVD in Motion


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Not all options maybe available for your vehicle. Above options are dependent on your vehicle equipped with the necessary hardware. Retrofit options are paid at the time of service after we have confirmed compatibility. Other coding options maybe available that is not listed. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.