Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How does coding work?

Coding is a fairly simple process. The coding is quick, efficient, and painless.

Bimmer Coders uses 100% factory BMW tools to accomplish the coding. You can expect full functionality without any compromise whatsoever. Coding requires absolutely no physical modification to your vehicle, the features are accomplished via software coding only. No changes will result in any error/warning lights, sounds, or messages.

2) Will coding void my warranty or cause any issues at the dealership?

Absolutely not. Being that we use 100% factory tools to perform the coding – to the dealer it looks as if your car left the factory floor already equipped. The dealer can interact with your vehicle as if it were a stock car. All of the features we activate are factory options that did not come enabled. There is absolutely no risk involved.

3) How long will the remote coding take?

The initial set up of the coding machine will take about 10 – 15 minutes. Once we are connected to your vehicle coding time varies depending on the options that are selected. For few options, the coding will take about twenty minutes. If you have a slew of options, the maximum you should expect the coding to take is roughly 45 minutes. From start to finish you are looking at roughly an hour maximum – not bad!

4) What if I’m not sure about some options?

Feel free to use the Contact Us page for further clarification. If you are unsure about certain options, we can enable them for you to see if you like it. Chances are that you will want it. If not, we can put it back the way it was. All of the coding we perform is 100% reversible and makes no permanent change to your vehicle. We offer FREE RECODING.


If you have any other questions please use the Contact Us link.