Remote Coding Package

Remote Coding Package


Bimmer Coders is proud to offer both E and F series Coding Remotely. We offer Unlimited Coding features for all models.

We will send you the Cable, which is yours to keep! All that is needed is a Laptop and WiFi connection. We do the rest! Our team of experts will connect to your laptop over Wifi and Code your car Remotely.

Bimmer Coders will unlock all the hidden features your Bimmer has to offer, backed by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and over 10 years experience in Programming/Software engineering. 


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F – Series

Remove SeatBelt Chimes / Lights
Remove Welcome Gongs
Windows Roll Up / Down with Key Fob Or Comfort Access
Folding / Unfolding Mirrors With Key Fob Or Comfort Access
Unlocking of Doors on Engine Off
Allow Windows To Roll Up While Door Open
Auto Start Stop set to DEFAULT OFF
Digital Speedometer
M Performance Logo On Cluster
Remove Headlight Amber Side Marker
Fog Light Welcome Lighting
Tail Lights As DRL
Change Triple Blinker Value to X
Allow Fog Lights and High Beams same time
Door Handle Leds on While In Reverse
Brake Force Flashing
Max Angel Eye Brightness On Xenon’s
Entertainment List To Display On HUD
Telephone Activity To Display On HUD
Disable Legal Disclaimer
Disable Camera Legal Disclaimer
Inband Ringing
Individual Pressure And Temperature Readings On Display
Video in Motion USB/DVD- NBT
Turn off Active Sound
Change fuel capacity from 1.9 to 2.4 Gallons (i3 only)
Allow use of the REX anytime below 75% (i3 only)

Retrofit Options Available :

Enhanced Bluetooth (6NS) $30

Enable USB Port Pair With Your Smartphone
Enable Bluetooth Audio Streaming (A2DP)
Enable BMW Mobile Office (Allows Text Messages to Be Read on iDrive)
Enable Allow A Second Bluetooth Device To Be Paired To iDrive
Enable Album Cover Art Over USB

 Sports Automatic Transmission (2TB) (LAUNCH CONTROL) $50

Enable Sport+ Mode
SAT Coded Features (Quicker Shifts and Improved Drivability)
Sport+ Display on Instrument Cluster
Launch Control
Coded for Retrofitting Paddle Shifters

 Anti-Dazzle Headlight Decoding $40


E – Series

Enable Mirrors (Un)Folding When (Un)Locking the Vehicle Locking will fold mirrors
Windows Roll Up / Down with Key Fob Or Comfort Access
Disabling Seat Belt Chime on Front Seats
Digital speedometer
Disabling Legal Disclaimer
Unlock Doors When Fob Is ejected/ eject fob when power is off
Instant MPG ‐ Real‐time MPG reading available on BC Stalk
Double Blink Euro Hazards
Delete Corner bulb/LED
Wiper finish cycle when the ignition is turned off
Allow Fog Lights and High Beams same time
DVD in Motion


Not all options maybe available for your vehicle. Above options are dependent on your vehicle equipped with the necessary hardware. Retrofit options are paid at the time of service after we have confirmed compatibility. Other coding options maybe available that is not listed. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.